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A Chicago based multimedia emporium serving the world.

We don't just light scenes. We light fires in people’s hearts, hitting their emotional centers via animation, sound, and pacing in a way that directly targets a hyper-specific audience. Our blueprint revolves around our keystone product aimed at start-ups looking to nurture the relationship between customer and brand via a series of videos that convert into accelerated view commitments. We call it the Multimedia Funnel Strategy. This is what sets us apart.

Serving all corners of the world

Our boutique collaborative is located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois where humans wear shorts when the mercury hits 45 and work ethic is just as important as our deep dish pizza. Stone Watson doesn’t only serve the place we reside, in fact, a large part of our efforts revolve around solving multimedia related problems for companies beyond the Midwest. Working remotely or flying over to say hello, we do whatever it takes to ease you into a state of knowing that you are in good hands.

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