About Us

Stone Watson doesn’t just light scenes. We light fires in people’s hearts, hitting their emotional centers via movement, sound, animation, and pacing. We shape the narrative and customize our unique video funnel strategy to target your audience in a way no one else does. This gives us–and you!–the advantage. Let’s partner and create something that we can all be proud of.

Our Team


Arthur Swidzinski

Founder/ Creative Director

A driven and dedicated Creative Director with a decades long track record delivering media to fortune 500 companies with a BA in Post Production from Columbia College Chicago, Arthur focuses on producing entertaining, thought provoking content for those with adventure in their hearts. When he isn’t making video, he’s training his dog.


Daniel Bragiel

Director of Photography

An emerging talent with a keen eye for lighting and camera movement, Daniel illuminates our sets with bright ideas that go beyond the fundamentals he mastered at Columbia College Chicago. Simply put, place a camera into his hands and watch magic happen.