Intro for

Client: Sega of America
Concept: Stone Watson
Post-Production: Arthur Swidzinski

Sega of Japan opened up a new headquarters in 2019. To celebrate, a major milestone, a few well known YouTube stars hopped on a plane out of California and head to Tokyo. Legendary Sonic aficionado, Aaron Webber, Arin of Game Grumps and Jirard the Completionist came back from their trip with hours of documentary footage that would be cut into a fun multi-minute video story. Upon their return, Stone Watson was asked to take a creative stab at creating the intro to the epic journey. We had the go ahead to take the creative freedom to do what we thought was the right feel for both the brand, and the trip. The initial animation was accepted majorly on the first iteration of the animation. Nailing it down with minimal feedback was key in getting this project out to fans in record time. We pride ourselves on partnering and growing with great companies and developing lasting collaborative relationships beyond just one video, by doing this we gain a better understanding of your company needs that decrease turn times. That is a plus for everyone.